​​Theresa Balistreri, Freelance Makeup Artist

Clean Modern Pretty

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does a freelance makeup artist do?

A freelance makeup artist will be your personal beauty expert for any event you hire them for. I show up wherever my client wants to get ready to make them look fabulous.

Why should I hire an artist rather than doing my makeup myself or asking a friend?

Doing makeup for photography and film is very different than day to day makeup. Every face is different and should be addressed accordingly. I learned that in my youth and it's a funny story you can ask me about. I have makeup in my kit for every skin tone and texture. I know how to cater to different features. I know how to make the looks last all day and how they will respond to different lighting and situations. When you hire a freelance artist, you don't have to go out and buy the right colors because they will have it all. My clients will tell you that it's remarkably stress-free and a great financial value to hire an artist you trust.

Will I need to purchase any makeup when I hire a freelance artist?

Most of my clients will purchase a lip color so they can touch up. A very oily skin may want a little powder or blotting paper during the day. Otherwise, if your skin care and foundation are correct, your makeup lasting should not be a problem. Occasionally a client may have very oily eyelashes or some other minor issue that is easily worked around.

When should I schedule a trial?

The trial can be done whenever it is the most convenient for the client. Some clients like to do a trial early so they can mentally check it off the list. Other clients like to wait until it's a few weeks away or they have the right level of tan, etc.

How far in advance should I book a makeup artist?

You should book them as soon as you know who you want and when the date is. It's one more thing checked off your list then. For Saturdays, booking at least 6 months to a year in advance is recommended. However, life is fluid and sometimes situations open up. 

What if I have a large wedding party?
If the timeline or number of clients makes booking another artist or artists beneficial, Primed Artistry Group is able to accommodate virtually any request. You would probably want to book your date earlier to ensure you have the availability of the artists. 

Do you do makeup for men?

Most commercial and corporate shoots benefit from men being given basic makeup that is not obvious on camera. Some men at weddings like a little bit of powder or a touch up if they feel self-conscious about being shiny or blotchy.

What kind of hair do you do?

I do basic hairstyling for women and men. I do beautiful sexy volume for women. If you ask for a blow out or a bridal updo, I'll refer you to someone or make a run for the hills.

Do you do airbrush makeup?

No, I bought an airbrush. I subjected people I love to it for several days before sending it back. I didn't like the finish. I don't like that you can't tweak the color. I believe it incentifies artists to fudge color matching rather than wasting foundation by cleaning it between clients. I could go on, but I won't. I don't believe it leads to the most beautiful skin, and that's always my goal.

What is the Primed Artistry Group?

Clean Modern Pretty has recently joined forces as a partner of Primed Artistry Group. Tayla La Macchia and I have worked together for 12 years. We learned over the years that our clients often needed more than one strong, reliable artist. We have developed a team of amazing skilled artists who share our vision and level of service to join us. This allows us to offer extra services and security to all our clients.