​​Theresa Balistreri, Freelance Makeup Artist

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Hi there!

I’m Theresa Balistreri. I’m a Milwaukee area makeup artist and a Mom. I was a former ballroom dance professional and cosmetics manager. Twelve years ago, I decided I wanted to focus on the artistry of making women feel truly beautiful inside and out. Confidence is the inside and makeup is the outside. My clients get the looks they want because I ask enough questions to understand their vision. I make my clients feel gorgeous on the extra special days and teach them how to feel more beautiful every day. Your vision of beauty can be very natural or incredibly glamorous. Either way, my team and I would love to do everything we can to make sure you radiate confidence that makes your makeup glow… Or make your makeup glow so you radiate confidence? Your choice. 

​I hope you'll get in touch with me to ask how I can make your special day absolutely amazing!

​​Theresa M. Balistreri

You may have seen my work on:

Fox News 


Bloomberg Television 

The Arts Page

The Aurora Healthcare National Ad Campaign

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Presentations

Goodwill Billboards

Washington Post

Milwaukee Magazine

M Magazine

Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel

Wisconsin Reporter

I have also worked with a number of dignitaries for commercials, debates and print work.